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Covered California as a Catalyst for Payment Reform

For this week’s Think Tank, California Healthline asked: How Can State Hasten Payment Reform?

It’s a great question.

In my opinion, Covered California should act as a catalyst, using its role as an active purchaser to set up true “managed competition”. So, effectively, we would be incentivizing the development of a series of competing Kaiser Permanentes, though they would not all have to be formally integrated. Each of these non-overlapping integrated delivery systems would compensate its providers for improving the health outcomes of its members rather than for the volume of services they provide.

To read my full response, as well as other stakeholder opinions, click here.

October 1st is behind us


Last week, I was among the first wave of users to sign-in to Covered California and explore available options for myself and my family. What was perhaps the most anticipated milestone of federal health reform is now behind us.

I shared my experience with Andrew Ross of the San Francisco Chronicle, along with my thoughts on what repealing all or part of the law would mean at this stage in the game:

“Maybe some of the small-bore provisions could have been put on hold before this week. But now it’s over. This is no longer an entertaining parlor-room political argument.”

The full article can be found here.

Q&A with Capitol Weekly

This weekend I sat down with Greg Lucas of Capitol Weekly for a long interview on what to expect from the Affordable Care Act. We discussed California’s approach, the implications for business, and what happens in January.

For the full Q&A, click here.