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Discussion of health care should focus on lowering prices

The clock is ticking for health care reform, but not for the reason that you may think. It is quite unlikely that the law will be overturned next year even if Mitt Romney is elected president. But the Affordable Care Act must make good on the promise of its name and deliver affordable health care for consumers and businesses. Otherwise, the whole political conflict will be moot, and we’ll have to do something truly radical.

The reason that there is little political risk for health care reform is that we have a very conservative governing system in the United States. Because of checks and balances, the filibuster and federalism, it is very hard to do anything in this country and even harder to undo it. Though it would be technically possible for the Republicans to overturn much of the law, it would be a bare knuckle brawl that would exhaust all of Romney’s political capital. Continue reading